Mississippi’s unique Chancery Court calls for counsel with substantial experience and earned reputations.  Heidelberg Steinberger represents heirs, executors and administrators in estates and conservatorships.  The attorneys provide sound and cost-efficient service whether for probating a will, engaging in a will contest, and managing an estate from opening petition to closing or final accounting.  

This firm also has extensive experience in family, custody, divorce and other domestic law matters.  Recognizing the delicate nature of such proceedings, the firm’s philosophy is two-fold.  The client is given expected outcomes based upon years of experience then negotiating to resolve matters within those expectations before trial.  However, if the opposing party is not reasonable, the firm’s attorneys excel in litigating the case to the end.  Our attorneys are also available as mediators in family law matters.

Chancery Court is also the court for almost any contractual dispute or issues regarding corporations, limited liability companies and other legal entities (see our “Commerical Litigation” page).  Our attorneys routinely litigate these type of disputes before the Chancery Court.

Our experience includes:

  • Serving as counsel for multi-million dollar estates;
  • Successfully representing clients in having the Mississippi Supreme Court overturn a Chancellor’s decision in a boundary line dispute;
  • Winning an inheritance for a mentally incompetent heir through trial and appeal and making case law for a novel issue under the “Slayer Statute”;
  • Frequent appointments by Chancellors to serve as guardians ad litem for minors to represent their interests;
  • Experience as the Jackson County Family Master.

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